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Our Wool Broadcloth is a smooth woolen twill fabric that is napped to hide the warp and weft. Fabric is great for jackets, men's formal, men's suits, women's suits and evening coats.

Modern wool broadcloth is fairly smooth, light and comfortable for use in men's and women's suits, coats and jackets; however, it has not always been like this. The original, traditional style of cloth had a very heavy drape and was extremely durable. This sturdy fabric originated in England during medieval days.

In the 1500s, this wool broadcloth was produced in the West Country Clothing District of England. A popular and enduring export, the fabric was shipped abroad to Flanders and sold all across Northern Europe by the Company of Merchant Adventurers of London. During this time and into the 1600s, the wool for the production of wool broadcloth came from the towns of Worcester, Shropshire, and Herefordshire. Oddly enough, the dense, durable quality of the wool was due to the fact that grazing was not very good in these areas. The fittest sheep were able to survive, reproduce and produce strong and durable wool. In the middle of the 16th century, England exported a great deal of wool broadcloth, and it remained a staple fabric worldwide into the 18th and 19th centuries.

Wool broadcloth was widely used for creating naval and military uniforms during the 18th and 19th centuries. It was also commonly carried to the Americas where it was called "trade cloth" and was used for trading with the Native Americans. Because of these uses, it remains a popular fabric for re-enactors of various times in history and it is in extensive use today by Native Americans wishing to recreate some of the garments worn by their ancestors. For this use, it is produced in a colorful array of rainbow stripe patterns that are favored by modern Native American Gourd Dancers.

Wool Broadcloth is a closely woven wool fabric with a napped face and has a smooth, rich looking feel. This wool is woven in a twill weave.

This wool tailors beautifully and is used in men's and women's suits as well as tailored dresses, slacks, skirts and unstructured but tailored garments. Also used in re-enactment garments.

Pre-sponging or dry cleaning prior to garment is recommended. Washing this fabric may change the texture of the fabric as washing will relax the fibers and dull the finish.

Standard tailoring techniques using sew in interfacing and liberal pressing during construction is recommended.

Our Wool Broadcloth comes in several colors, is 60" wide and weighs 14- 16 ounces per linear yard.
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001-WBC Wool Broadcloths Swatch Card Broadcloth 58/60" Wide Fabric by the Yard - Purple m60284-11082 100% Wool Broadcloth 58/60" Wide Fabric by the Yard-Mid Navy 80% Wool/20% Camel Broadcloth 58/60" Wide Fabric by the Yard-Navy 100% Camel Hair
Broadcloth Black m2411-608 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Cashmere Broadcloth Camel m15803-1-1 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Wool Broadcloth Camel m2411-1312 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Cashmere Broadcloth Charcoal m15754-1-3 - 58/60" Wide 100% Wool - Fabric by the Yard
Broadcloth Gray m15803-1-2 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% wool Broadcloth Olive m7705-2781 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Wool Broadcloth Oxford m23005-4 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Wool Broadcloth Red m18321-46307 - 58/60" Wide - Fabric by the Yard 100% Wool
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