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Wool fibers have crimps or curls which create air pockets, giving the wool spongy feel.  The air pockets also create insulation for the wearer.  Two different processes are used to turn the wool fibers into yarn, the woolen spinning system and the worsted spinning system.  In the worsted system the fibers are generally longer and are combed and carded prior to being spun into a yarn for weaving or knitting.  The woolen system is generally done with shorter fibers that often have more crimp and are not combed .  Woolen yarns are usually bulkier and felt easier than the worsted yarns.  A few examples of woolen fabrics are wool flannel, wool broadcloth, wool boucle and wool melton.  

Boucle pronounced [boo-kley]  is French and means curled.

Our wool boucle fabric is a woven fabric with a knobby surface made from small loops or curls.  It is used for vests, coats both lined and unlined, decorative collars and cuffs and jackets.  

Pre-treat boucle by dry cleaning or having the boucle professionally steamed.  When sewing with boucle, use the with nap when placing the pattern on the fabric.  Cutting fabric pieces singly instead of doubled may be easier.  Use sharp needle in medium size, 11-12.  

Width of our wool boucle is 58/60”, Fiber content is 95% wool, 5% nylon.  Weight is 15 ounces per linear yard.
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Boucle Fabric by the Yard
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